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Purchase of receivables

You have receivables from your debtor and would like to recover them as soon as possible? We have a solution for you! We will buy your receivables! Save time and prevent insolvency proceedings from being initiated.

A person who decides to sell their receivables loses all rights and obligations related to them.

Purchase of debts

If you are a creditor, you can recover your receivables, e.g. by selling your debt to a debt collection company, which is guaranteed by the Civil Code! Sell us your receivables, and with them the rights and obligations associated with the debt. Thanks to this, you will no longer have to respond to the accusations presented by the debtor.

The debtor does not need to know that you are transferring your claims to us (unless this is contrary to the law, a contractual stipulation or the nature of the obligation). We carry out the valuation of the purchase of receivables on the basis of business intelligence. The higher the probability of recovery, the more money you will get for selling your receivables!

Purchase of promissory notes

Do you need to get money in a short time? Sell your promissory notes or blank promissory notes to Deputo! You can choose to sell a promissory note that is overdue or that has not yet expired.

Protect yourself in case the obligated party does not decide to pay the amount due. Remember, the funds in the promissory note are frozen and you may not receive the amount due despite the issued payment date from the note holder.

Contact us and sell your bills of exchange – you will receive the money immediately, without debt collection and disputes with the debtor!

Do you want to recover money for your receivables?
Contact us and we will prepare a favorable offer for you.