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Debt collection

We provide amicable, judicial and criminal debt collection services. We guarantee the highest effectiveness of conducted proceedings, which is confirmed by the fact that our remuneration depends on the achieved results. We approach each case individually by examining the financial and asset situation of the debtor. We recover interest and debt collection costs.

We ensure a high level of satisfaction for both customers and creditors.

Remember! The debtor bears the costs of debt collection.

(within the meaning of the Act on Counteracting Excessive Delays in Commercial Transactions of March 8, 2013)

Industries served

We specialize in debt collection for the following industries:

Transport industry

Construction industry

Financial industry (loans, payday loans, promissory notes)

Trade industry (wholesalers, shops, manufacturers)

Educational services (universities, schools, kindergartens)

Amicable debt collection

Do you have outstanding debts from your contractors? Would you like to recover them as soon as possible? However, you want to also maintain good relations with your clients and the possibility of continuing cooperation in the future? You do not want to pursue your debts in court? Choose Deputo’s amicable debt collection services!

The aim of the amicable debt collection process is to recover debts quickly while maintaining a high level of satisfaction of both the creditor and the debtor. It allows to avoid court confrontation, which usually results in negative relations between counterparties. In the process of amicable debt collection, we contact the debtor, assess its current financial situation and suggest optimal solutions, such as dividing the debt into instalments, negotiating payment deadlines, etc. The result is usually advantageous to both parties – it allows the creditor to recover its debts and the debtor to repay the liabilities in a convenient manner.

Judicial debt collection

Your business partners are notoriously failing to pay their liabilities? Payment reminders and amicable collection of debt are not bringing satisfactory results? The debtors are avoiding contact and are not responding to subsequent calls for payment?

The solution is to bring the recovery to court.

Within the framework of legal debt collection, we will guide you through all the stages of the process, i.e:

The stage of court proceedings aimed at obtaining a legally valid enforcement title.

The stage of the proceedings securing the debtor’s assets against liabilities (cash in bank accounts, real estate, fixed assets, etc.).

The stage of enforcement proceedings, the aim of which will be quick and effective recovery of debts.

At each stage of court proceedings, we will provide you with legal representation (a professional attorney).

Criminal debt collection

Have you been the victim of a crime committed by your debtor? Your client or business partner has committed a legally prohibited act, e.g. capital fraud, extortion of credit, grants or compensation? Your debtor has transferred its assets to another entity, which makes it difficult for you to enforce your claims?

We have a solution for that! Criminal debt collection will let you hold the dishonest contractor legally liable and recover your debt.

In contrast to the standard civil debt collection process, criminal debt collection is a criminal procedure. The first step is to file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office. Filing an indictment against the debtor is the basis for commencing criminal debt collection. Due to the seriousness of the possible consequences (including imprisonment), criminal recovery is usually the final, but very effective, form of debt recovery.

We will recover your money – at your debtor’s expense, with interest, in a short period of time