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About us

The essence of any business venture is revenue and profits. Contracts and invoices paid on time are tools used by both parties in a business relationship.

When you start working with a new partner, you hope that they will deliver, but you don’t necessarily know how to check their credibility and solvency. During the performance of the contract, non-payment for goods or services can cause problems with running the company and loss of financial liquidity.

We can help you in these difficult moments, both before signing the contract and in the enforcement of payment.

Lending money to someone usually helps that person to achieve a goal or get out of trouble. However, if the loan does not return to the creditor and the debtor is avoiding contact, it is not worth waiting too long. Trust us to recover your funds.

We provide debt collection services to companies and individual customers. We buy receivables and confirm the credibility of future business partners.

We are a company with a capital of PLN 200,000 which has been operating on the market for several years. We use non-standard methods of debt collection, which, together with legal actions, have helped many of our customers recover their money. We have five offices in Poland, Spain and United Kingdom thanks to which we operate very efficiently throughout the European market.

We will recover your money – at your debtor’s expense, with interest, in a short period of time