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Debtor’s zone

Are you in debt with Deputo? Are you struggling to pay your debts on time? Contact us and take an amicable way out of debt. Extend the term of payment or settle your debt in instalments.

Remember! Avoiding contact will not resolve the matter but only generate further problems and costs.

Choosing your path

Decide which way you want to go.

Court path

Atmosphere of court proceedings

No possibility of negotiating a judgment

Bailiff enforcement in accordance with the court order

Additional court and enforcement costs

Legal and criminal consequences

Information in the registry

Amicable path with the support of Deputo

Amicable atmosphere of cooperation

Support of experienced consultants

The possibility of dividing the debt into instalments

The possibility of extending the payment period

No information in the registry

We will prepare an optimal debt repayment plan for you and help you get back on track