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Debt collection

Amicable, judicial and criminal debt collection


Purchase of receivables

Debts and bills of exchange


Monitoring of payments

Early and effective intervention


Business intelligence

Testing contractors' credibility

Deputo in numbers


Years of experience in the debt market


of debt recovered for our customers (PLN)


Satisfied customers


Debt collection cases settled


Won court cases


Prestigious locations in Wrocław, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Barcelona and London

Success is the result of the right decision


About us

We provide debt collection services to companies and individual customers. We buy receivables and confirm the credibility of future business partners. We are a company with a capital of PLN 200,000 which has been operating on the market for several years. We use non-standard methods of debt collection, which, together with legal actions, have helped many of our customers recover their money. We have five offices in Poland, Spain and United Kingdom thanks to which we operate very efficiently throughout the European market.


Why us?

Why our services are trustworthy

You only pay for the results

We win together – you will pay for our services if we manage to recover your receivables.

We minimize the risk of failure

We have a track record of successfully resolved cases.

We intervene when payment reminders are ineffective

We like challenges, so if other methods fail we are happy to help.

We recover interest and debt collection costs

With us you will recover not only the debt with interest but also the costs of debt collection.

We collect evidence at our own expense

We will take care of all formalities for you and prepare the necessary documents.

We are professionals

Each of our consultants has the appropriate licenses.

We determine the condition of a debtor’s assets

We approach each case individually.

We have our own list of debt collectors

We only use the services of proven, most effective court bailiffs.

We have 5 modern offices

We are located in prestigious office buildings in Wrocław, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Barcelona and London.

We operate globally

We recover debts on a large scale – in Poland, Europe and around the world.

We have extensive experience

Hundreds of satisfied customers have benefited from our services.

We are independent and flexible

We do not have a corporate structure.


We are pleased to certify that the debt collection company Deputo sp. z.o.o. successfully recovered funds from our debtor, who was refusing payment. It took about 3 weeks from the moment we placed an order until the repayment of the whole amount. Therefore, we can with the utmost confidence recommend the services of Deputo.


We commissioned debt collection from a large company listed on the stock exchange, from which we had not been able to recover our debts for a long time. Deputo recovered the main value of the debt from the debtor within the first 2 weeks of taking action. Ultimately, the debtor reimbursed all costs associated with the collection, including court costs, stamp duty, legal representation, and interest on late payment. We quickly received replies to our queries addressed to Deputo and the case progressed very efficiently.

MM CARGO EXPRESS Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.Maciej Dziumak

I recommend Deputo as a reliable debt recovery partner. The debtor, after intensive collection efforts, paid the full amount it owed since 2017. Deputo represented me throughout the case without involving me in legal actions. I will certainly have more debtors professionally analyzed and take actions that we collectively find promising.


I confirm cooperation with DEPUTO debt collection. They helped us to recover my debt, which we could not do on our own. We tried many times on our own, but without success. I recommend Deputo because of their unconventional methods. They are effective and verify each debtor before accepting the case. It is nice to receive a wire transfer of over 10,000 as a surprise at the end of the month.

STOKŁOSA TRANSAndrzej Stokłosa

We are very pleased with the handling of the cases we commissioned. Deputo demonstrates professionalism at every stage, regardless of the amount of the claim and the specifics of the case. We receive information about the progress of our cases on a regular basis and we analyze the path we are taking together, depending on the legal possibilities and the financial situation of the debtor. We look forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation.


We will recover your money – at your debtor’s expense, with interest, in a short period of time